poems by Adewunmi Adekunle

by Adekunle Adewunmi

Roses of red flows through my heart
Yes, I can feel butterflies in my tommy
For my lover is here again
Like he has always been doing.

Of a truth,
You’re like a spring of water
That flows through my heart
And I can’t wait to be freed from thirst.

I was attentive to your clarion words,
That which says you are a spring,
A spring of living water.

How dearly I yearn for this living water
That I might thirst no more
For I love the presence of your Spirit here
But, I would love to be embraced
In your arms, seeing you physically!
And, loving you unconditionally.


by Adekunle Adewunmi

I travelled wide and round with my stethoscope,
Surveying the geo-informatics of the geopolitical zones
That stations and conjures the earth surface.

I found out a lot but,
Many experiences occupied me
At some angles, I tremble
In some area, I smile.

The earth which metamorphosed from darkness to light
Is still being ruled by agents of darkness
Which steals, kills and destroys
Which turns shinning glories into darkness.

This planet earth, though bears mighty men
Still, men fail to prosper on it
This earth, though accepts many creatures
Yet, inequality reigns among the equals.

This earth though, sweet and bitter
Yet, creates room to achieve better
This earth is just a market,
We cannot live in it forever!

by Adekunle Adewunmi

Coated in coats of supremacy
By numerous supporters cum electorates,
Who have some iota of faith
In the mannerism of his sheperdness

Though tagged as supreme
Yet servants
To flock of sheep under his watch.

The leader but,
Also listener and reader
Of different suggestions and contributions
Even silly questions at times,
Drops at his doorstep
Just because he’s the leader.

When new feat is achieved
He’s praised
At the face of turmoil,
He dare not sleep
Until the red sea be crossed.

Leadership! Leadership!!
A call to service
A call for humane
For true leadership may incur suffering
At the expense of the enjoyment
Which shows to all.

Unless it is gotten right
No, best
Leader, I mean the head
Will always know no rest
For headship may incur hardship.

Leadership is wreath
Prices are paid
Sleepless nights are part
Racking of brain, even,
Brainstorming in preparation for crucial moments and assignments
Night rest is paid
For the prices must be paid.

Many exert towards this insignia, the mantle of leadership
Thinking it’s a bed of roses
Where money can be easily stolen
Yeah, it may even be laundered
Yet, the prices would be paid.

Ask those high ranked officers
They’d tell you that,
The crown of leadership steals some of your time
It robs you of pleasure with friends
The family even feels their absence
It’s a price to be paid.

Though, the price may be paid
Oh, it’s good to be in a position of leadership
Nonetheless, the led should be comfortable!!!

by Adekunle Adewunmi

Take a deep breath and relax,
Ensure your eardrums are widely flushed from dirt,
Open your heart agape,
Yeah, be ready to get flogged.

For your indulgence in this act
Would cost you much
Even your much needed goals
And it’ll almost seem the big-black birds
That hovers at mid-night are after you.

I see that you’ve started
Look at you inferring causes,
To your Uncles and Aunts that neglected you
Look at you,
Blaming the country’s state of economic recession.

Brace up, friend!
Rise from your sleep of folly
Accept this responsibility to start
Stop your daily anthem
And songs of,
I’ll do it tomorrow,
Tomorrow may be too late
For no one knows tomorrow!

by Adekunle Adewunmi

Where are the youths of this age?
How highly ignorant they have become
Enlightenment has ran far away from them
They now need education beyond the certificate education
Before things get out of hand.

You just want to wake up suddenly
To find yourself wallowing in riches
Without knowing the type of hinges
That opens through to where wealth lies.

Alas! See,
See the lives of these youths
Entangled in the middle sea of youthful concupiscence,
The road to good success is not a cake-walk
It really requires serious focus, sincerity and hard works,
For what does success implies
If it doesn’t contain self-sacrifice?

It is neither a bed of roses
Nor the case of bread and butter,
It’s not a dream you see while slumbering
But what causes you sleepless nights,
For what does success implies
If it doesn’t contain self-sacrifice?
You started working as a Civil Servant
Just about some months away
And grunts about having less shoes and clothes,
Having to catch public transport and all sorts
Success is not a magic
For it is built around stages and processes
A stage to manage and a stage to have bounty,
So, what does success implies
If it doesn’t contain perseverance?

Comparing yourself with a Principal Officer
Who seems to have more than enough won’t do
Dare make inquiries about his road to the top
You’ll be shocked about his experiences
For some of them have gone through even worse situations,
For what does success implies
If it doesn’t contain self-denial?

Uneasy they say,
Lies the head that wears the crown
So, my dear youths
Before success can be attained
You may actually face storms
They are just there to prepare you
For the success ahead,
For what does success voyage implies,
If it doesn’t contain untarred roads?

for you my daughter



First you will be called foetus,

by the time you begin to kick,

Oh! when you will tickle your mother’s womb,

and cause me a little panic in the dead of the night,

when you will cause your mother heavy breath,

and cause me daily frights for 8months and 30days,

when I shall become a regular saint in prayer,

and master of holy communion for your safe arrival,

when I shall become a cook, a driver and a slave for your sake,

when I shall learn to wipe your dirt with pride,

and happily stay awake to sing you lullaby,

Oh! even when I shall carry you in my arms with joy,

and wait for the day you shall speak my name,

Hmmm! when I shall speak of you as my comfort,

look, you are my daughter,

when you come, as you arrive in a comfortable pain,

I shall name you, EFUNSETAN, daughter of SEGILOLA.

from an african child

13324324_10154090213107400_75946792_o (1)


Is this the African community my father told me he lived?
In here now, life looks empty,
our hope has come to look vague.
And the temple of our ancestors is famished of its sacrifice.
Now the gods have grown hungry,
and no one looks after the throne of our morality.
The African tradition to our children is opaque,
but the abomination is transparent in our minds.
Who will bring back the lost glory of the Egyptian sunrise?
Will the romantic sunset of Kenya be returned with moonlight tales?
Or shall the empires of powerful Kings be heard of and read in our schools?
Even the savior on the cross, and the prophet on the mat,
have both been neglected by immoral civilization.
Africa! Rise! Kwame Nkrumah!
Will your sweat be in vain?
My mother tells me of a fighter for Africa…
But she says he’s long gone back to where real Africans go…
And by the music of the BLACK PRESIDENT have I thought this all!
FELA I am an African child. Chant me the African songs from above.



Relationship Goals Series by Fawehinmi Bibire



A lot being going through my head then I checked what else I haven’t talked about, then I decided to talk on upkeep and appearance as a key to starting good relationship. Thou this might be a very broad topic to discuss but I will try to make it as short as possible.

A friend once said, “I walked into a company and the first comment I got was; I love your outfit, you look beautiful. And when she got to the interview panel, that same lad who gave the comment was one of the panellist and of course, we all know looks and appearance matters during an interview no matter the field, be it entertainment, finance, oil and gas etc.

A friend got talking and connected with a reputable member of the House of Representative of Nigeria on her flight back to Nigeria from South Africa due to her looks and appearance.

Some would say, it works and it’s much easier for girls than boys, here is a male friend that got connected and talking to one of the Reputable business mogul through his dressing, looks and communication skills.

Trust me, if you can imbibe the few points that I would discuss below, you will be happy you did.

1) You don’t have to own all the wardrobe before you look good.

Many of us make that mistake of looking forward to when we open an enormous wardrobe full of different attire before we look good. People would tell you, I don’t have clothes, so I am not interested in going out. So all you trying to say is that you only have leaves or what? as clothes. Even while some people own the whole cloth on their wardrobe, they will still be complaining about lack of cloth and why they can’t dress well. Is that enough reason for u not to dress well with the little you have? Trust me, one thing we have to understand is how to bring and combine the few you have together and come out looking good. Embrace the habit of surfing through the net, check fashion site on how to combine the little you have if you not that of fashionista. Ask people how gorgeous you look, be correctable and be confident.

2) Be neat, Be clean.

Imagine a young lady with a large wardrobe and variety of cloth yet you keep wondering why that individual dress the way they do. Some lad and ladies are just so dirty and unkempt that if you visit their wardrobe, to distinguish the dirty cloths and the clean ones is the most difficult thing to do. Once they return from an outing, same place they hanged the washed and neat cloth is where they hang the sweaty and dirty one. If washing is so difficult, please do well to employ the service of laundry service. Even with an old cloth, you can look presentable and warm, so you have don’t have to go on cloth shopping every summer for you to look good? No, even with that, if you have the wrong mind-set about appearance, you will still look scruffy in the new cloths. You can’t be looking shabby and dirty and expect a warm communication or greetings from people.

3). Let it become a habit.

Some of our young people now have the mentality or can I can habit of looking good just when they are going for an interview, business trip, hangout or meeting. The People in the above mentioned places, can’t you meet them elsewhere asides the formal setting, so a bank manager can’t be in a bus, a panellist can’t trek or you can’t accidentally be in a gathering of the right people.

When going to class as a student, you have to be tidy, kempt and clean that even your course mates can distinguish your personality. As a worker in bank, let your customers look at you and tell you, * you look good*, your tie doesn’t have to be sideways because you were rushing out or work rush. You see a lecturer on a Monday morning with some kind of outfit that you can’t give a name to because you are confused as to whether he/she is wearing a corporate English outfit or our traditional outfit. Just because you are a mechanic or driver doesn’t mean you look dishevelled when you aren’t on your work site please.

Let being neat, looking good and presentable be your habit and reasons for dressing. Wash, iron and arrange your clothes in a tidy way, let it become a habit, look good, smell good to enhance the good personality you portray or have.

4). Please don’t deceive yourself. 

Little can I do in writing all things here, I tell people, mind-set is all. I can’t enter and clean your mind, I only pray the words I preach would cleanse and change your mind-set. You can’t keep deceiving yourself thinking you are deceiving people. We have some categories of people that their outward appearance is just what you will fall in love with, just pull up their shirt or blouse, gosh!!! You will be disgusted by the colour of their singlet or lingerie. Let’s leave that aside and come to where they live………. trust me, that’s another article to be discussed. Bags, shoes all in same corner, dishes lying fallow in the zinc for days, dirty cloth and washed ones all together……. please, let’s just forget that cause it’s something we can’t finish talking about.

4). Learn to plan ahead.

Some people just have the habit of rushing things in their lives…like rushing to iron shirts to for work, interviews, meetings, etc. 30 minutes to when they will set out common among our men and ladies on the other hand, just wearing the un-ironed cloth like that especially chiffon tops. why can’t we all have the habit of planning ahead, like ironing shirts for the whole week or more, clean socks, tie, lingerie etc.

Those that are allowed not to plan ahead are the set of people who know they won’t be doing anything for the whole day asides lazing around, it’s allowed of them not to plan ahead.

In conclusion my dear Readers, even in worshipping God, we have to be Holy, clean and pure. With our looks and appearance, we either make of mar our personality and chances of meeting the right people. Remember to always look good, smell good.


BY: Fawehinmi Bibire



Fawehinmi Bibire

Audiobook of Commoner’s Speech now available on iTunes Spotify Google Store


It is our delight at Akewi Arts House to announce that, the Audiobook of Commoner’s Speech is now available on ITunes, Spotify, Google Store and other online musical stores . This is a big opportunity of listening to the revolutionary poems of ENOCH OJOTISA.





At this hour of tears,
when the songs of sanctuary plays deaf,
to the rhythms of words I have spoken,
when the footsteps of your heart ceased
to move to the drums of my confessions,
here, I, walking alone.

Only the pub’s lamp,
shines as hope in this darkness of love;
in this darkness I see no strength,
except the ease of our good memories.

a night without moon to shine in it,
this moment,
a day without the brightness of your smile,
this cloudy sky,
yet without any drop of rainy love.

Now I pack my broken pieces,
pieces left of my love and glory,
I heard back to my pyramids,
back home to my land,
to find love anew—— in Africa!



Photo Credit: @Ayo’de Photography

Urban Photography by Ayo’de

These are some photos taken and edited by Ayo’de. His photography theme concentrates mostly on urban facets of life. Talk of love, city-life, youthful styles and many more. Today, Ayo’de is one of the fast rising photographers emerging from the great Ibadan city. He is a brilliant artistic youth, with a well groomed focus on his career. Watch this page for more of his works.

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Saxophone vibes of Enoch Ojotisa at Windmill Lane Recording Studios.

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the art of writing is within the soul,

but to a gifted soul, every sound is a musical note.


The earth is diseased,
once a flowing river with life,
now cursed with perishable breath!

                       ___ ENOCH OJOTISA