Short Poems




Benson, Jerry and other comrades,

thread that path;

that which took you to the streets.


Hold unto the voice of unity,

which walks behind you all.


Speak with a voice,

cleansed of bribery.

Stand on the rock of the martyr.


Even those fallen comrades,

continue the struggle with us.                            


For their sake, do not relent.

Take along their agonized death to the battle front,

Hold with you the brutality that whisked them to early grave.


Hold on tight to the yelling…

Remember Mustapha who was killed.


Remember the young Adeola from Ogba

that was murdered.

Carry with you Musa, whose intestine was spilled in Kano…

When you get to the Promised Land,

take their bones of memory with you.


(The Picture above serves as an additional inspiration for this poem that was first written during the OCCUPY NIGERIA struggle, in 2012 by ENOCH OJOTISA).