#Chronical Prayers Vol 2.

I thank you God,
thank you for gift of life,
clean water,
healthy food, clothing and shelter,
for good health,
for basic socio-economic benefits,
thank you for being alive in these last days,
these days when human societies are confused,
times when governments are more concerned
about treasury looting than lives of citizens,
these days,
choosing the path of education,
is regrettable most times,
and thuggery is lucrative,
so much that it is now a generational pride,
these days when hospitals now function
more as viewing centers for death,
these days when our young daughters are abused, and our brothers become moles for the rich ones,
now when religion is confused for spirituality,
and honest men are confused for crazy ones,
these days when the air is polluted,
human minds are darkened by love of money,
rituals everywhere, financial scams here and there, droughts and famines in the world,
God, I thank you for blessing me with good life.

#Chronical Prayers Vol 1.

#Chronical Prayers Vol 1.
My God who is in heaven,
help expand my heart to love others
irrespective of how bruised my heart is,
not considering how disappointed life has been,
God, help me love humanity more than material gains,
no matter how much I remember the impact of slavery,
no matter how grieved I am about colonialism,
no matter how bitter I am currently about imperialism,
help me love all men based on nature’s beauty and not race,
visit me with hope, so as to keep the humanity in me alive,
spread true love to my heart, love that will withstand hurts,
love that will stand in the face of brutality and persecution,
God, this is my heart-felt prayer on this humble day.