At this hour of tears,
when the songs of sanctuary plays deaf,
to the rhythms of words I have spoken,
when the footsteps of your heart ceased
to move to the drums of my confessions,
here, I, walking alone.

Only the pub’s lamp,
shines as hope in this darkness of love;
in this darkness I see no strength,
except the ease of our good memories.

a night without moon to shine in it,
this moment,
a day without the brightness of your smile,
this cloudy sky,
yet without any drop of rainy love.

Now I pack my broken pieces,
pieces left of my love and glory,
I heard back to my pyramids,
back home to my land,
to find love anew—— in Africa!



Photo Credit: @Ayo’de Photography





Do you know of the first civilisation?
You should seek knowledge,
we’ve been here long ago,
when the eyes were at the knees.

All humans existed,
until the homeless spirits of heavens came,
and bore a race.
We are the original humans.

The faith of the cross and of the moon,
two most influential faiths of all,
both came from us.
Messiah came from us, and to us.
Look, the prophet too was one of us, not like they have painted him now.

We were first created,
we fell, we became lost to our creator,
he cried, for he knew we lost our glory.
Then came the wages of our fall,
torture, persecution, rape, slavery, colonialism, deaths, absurd laws, corruption, imperialism, oppression, greed,
money over health, immorality and lots.

In America and its corners,
that last race owes Africa 40acres,
somewhere in Europe,
you owe Africa billions of your wealth,
Oh! In Australia I remember,
you owe Africa an Aboriginal homeland,
In Asia, everywhere,
Africa is owed.
Even in Africa, the oppressor is owing big.

But know for sure,
Africa has children all over,
Now her Children demand a payback.
Not just in cash, but a a return of Africa’s stolen wealth and treasures in your land.

Rise Africa,
your children will return you home.
Not the whitened Egypt or xenophobic South; weeds amidst plants.
I mean your real children,
Africans with Africa in them will ship you home, mama, oh mother Africa!
I will speak of you Africa, oh Africa!

Urban Photography by Ayo’de

These are some photos taken and edited by Ayo’de. His photography theme concentrates mostly on urban facets of life. Talk of love, city-life, youthful styles and many more. Today, Ayo’de is one of the fast rising photographers emerging from the great Ibadan city. He is a brilliant artistic youth, with a well groomed focus on his career. Watch this page for more of his works.

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