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ENOCH OJOTISA hails from Ibadan, in Oyo state Nigeria. He is a lawyer, writer, poet, and a devoted African cultural revolutionary. He published the collection of poetry titled “Commoner’s Speech” first in September 2011, which was when he was in his fourth year at the prestigious OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY, ILE-IFE, while studying law as an undergraduate. He republished the book in 2014 with a publishing company in the United Kingdom. The book is sold on over 2000 online websites and stores. The book has been performed both as spoken word poetry and as a moving-theatre, at public venues freely for the people in several places by his arts oriented company, #Akewi-Arts-House. He recently concluded works on the audio version of “Commoner’s Speech” which is scheduled to be released in July 2016. The book can be purchased on major sales websites such as; http://www.amazon.com/Commoners-Speech-Enoch-Ojotisa/dp/1491894385/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1447384655&sr=8-1&keywords=commoner%27s+speech&pebp=1447384660889&perid=114TCVWWXZ3T42XYJA23

COMMONER’S SPEECH is a collection of poems, which informs the outside world of Africans; mostly, of the tribulations that are enshrined in their civilization. It relates simultaneously, the edifying cum philosophical ethics that have gone into oblivion; and newly transferred neo-millennium anti-African social norms. Actually, it has lucratively navigated the root of our political implosions, which have caused the twinge of power which Africa now experience all over her territories. But in other to save Africa from a misleading notion of ‘hasty generalization’, the author, ENOCH OJOTISA, decided to use the political on- goings in Nigeria, as a metaphorical cushion in place of Africa.



ENOCH OJOTISA has successfully opened eyes of willingly Africans to magnitude of history, culture, tradition and quality liberty of belief in Africans as African born, as paraphernalia of change for a recovered Africa. Apart from revealing the façade behind the nations’ wealth of mineral resources, which have been traded with corrupt imperialist countries’ support, by African rulers: the piece, COMMONER’S SPEECH, also reveals the besmirched fashion madness, which like a disease has infected a large cut of women in the social order.

The book, COMMONER’S SPEECH, narrates a cavernous legend of hurts that students’ movement leaders have passed through. Bags of students’ movement leaders, who out of true fortitude of change and revolution suffered a great cause were mentioned and fittingly praised. The spirit behind ‘COMMONER’S SPEECH’ is a clarion call to stand up and back the revolution of change in the country.



CRIES FROM THE OCEAN was recently written by ENOCH OJOTISA, and was published by his own arts encompassing company, Akewi-Arts-House (http://www.irepublicng.com/). The book was published on the 29th of July 2015 online only; and can also be ordered in print via major marketing websites such as http://www.amazon.com/Cries-Ocean-Enoch-Ojotisa/dp/151527795X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1447384701&sr=8-1&keywords=cries+from+the+ocean&pebp=1447384707149&perid=1S9FH5N9V21FX2RASRKB

This time around unlike his first collection of poetry, CRIES FROM THE OCEAN is more of African cultural thoughts and spiritual dispositions that have long being forgotten. This book tries to lure its readers through the means of spitting fire of life into the Yoruba gods; depicting them as means of communication with Yoruba cultural heritage. The book also brings to attention, the philosophical magnitude in the ancient poetic gift that is bestowed upon ENOCH OJOTISA.

Lastly, as an African revolutionary, ENOCH OJOTISA dazzles the minds of his readers by reinstating the unflinching support for activism at all facet of life by writing poems such as The Jailer’s Lamentations, The Nation in the Dark etc. Presently, ENOCH OJOTISA is into printing, publishing, media, Editing, photography, and music. In fact, he is a professional Afrobeat Saxophonist. He is currently open to any good musical opportunity thrown at him. He has to his credit being into music for the past twelve (12) years. Other details about him and his works can be found on http://www.irepublicng.com/  and he can be reached through his email (poetojotisa@gmail.com). He is on Facebook as ENOCH OJOTISA (Akewi).






by Oyin Oludipe


(For the Danfo)


I saw your yellow shoulders

Raise the sun…

Rude veneration – the world

Spins on your limb, in sulphur plume


In loud agonies of your dance

Beyond libation beneath your feet,

Shrivelled loop of rust


I saw your yellow teeth

Nibble the earth…

To let a song of grief

Sail to a morning mosque


And broken reins of your heart

Pluck lone gods from the dust


Danfodils! Danfodils!

Stammerer on the Lagos hills,

I borrow ears of an alien void

To sift stories from your storm


So I saw yellow tears

Flood the land.


*Danfo – Colloquial term for yellow passenger bus in Nigeria and probably in Africa or anywhere else.




Oyin Oludipe is a restless creative from Epe, a lagoon town on Lagos Island. He has appeared in Kaanem Art, Afapinen, Black Boy Review, Literaturepedia, Brittle Paper, Arts and Africa and elsewhere. He is also in love with writing poems, watching plays, devouring novels like milk and crushing on beautiful landscapes as on Asa.