An hour with Lagos
Tree grow blemish on the blunt                       surface of tars,
Drains of dying filth building drench              of shallow waters across the surface              of offences.

A beautiful city of noise,
A land born on the struggle of                           waves and wind across the ocean.
A street of driven tussle beneath the                shades and toss of survival.
Behind the brown sea of the lagoon,              the shreds of the belly across the
eyes of waters.
Breeds dying to the loophole of the.                 streets thirsty and hungry for the                     sore of crumbs.

I stand between the stampede of
human brawns feeding their breeds               by the effort of the weak.
The struggles are hard to breathe,
Celebration are dangerous to



Ogunniyi Abayomi was born July 11, 1991 in the city of Lagos, where he resides. His
love for poetry is very strong, and to a stoic length, he considers it a page of his life.
Ogunniyi Abayomi is aspiring to create positive values as a poet to the world.


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This night,

foremost night of rebirth,

 in countless months.


To this paper and my ink,

to our new friendship and splendour,

like Lazarus, I’m back to my ink being.


As this winter runs through my spine,

sending shiver down to my marrow,

your tender voice has sent power to my feathered ink.


I have found my long gone muse,

muse from the ancient world.

Tonight, I’ve found my lost asset.


Once again, I say,

in the core of city axis,

I have found my long lost trust in passion.


Ja meine liebe,

Yes my dearest,


lassen sie un sein fleisch sein,

let us be one flesh.


Lassen sie diese neue,

freundschaft steigen.

Let this new bond soar.


Meine dame, von der stadt Hamburg,

My Lady from the city of Hamburg,


ihre augen sind engel,

your eyes are angelic,


gluhend wie das gold der Mansa Musa von Mali.

glowing like the gold of Mansa Musa of Mali.


Dies ihre liebe wird fur immer in Erinnerung.

This your love is forever cherished.